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The Research and Development initiatives being funded under PCARI are joint projects developed and submitted by collaborative teams composed of researchers principally from Philippine higher education institutions—initially, the member institutions of the Engineering Research and Development for Technology and the National Science Consortium, and from California research universities, initially from UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. Collaborative projects may be targeted for the IIID, for IHITM, or designed to be undertaken jointly through the two Institutes straddling both areas of focus.

Priority Research & Development Areas


Resilient Infrastructures
i.e. wireless sensor networks for disaster monitoring and mitigation, safe water technology and systems, transportation system innovations, smart buildings and infrastructures, information and communication technologies and systems, mobile applications, environmental monitoring systems, resilient cyber-infrastructures, agricultural and aquaculture mobile information systems, etc. 

Energy Systems
i.e. distributed micro grids, alternative energy technologies and systems such as wind, solar, geothermal and others, energy storage technologies and systems, wireless swarms for energy monitoring, micro fabricated sensors for energy infrastructure and systems, etc.

Online Education, E-Government and IT for National Security

i.e. novel user interfaces and world-class educational content, micro-base stations and innovative frameworks for online education, technologies to enhance policy and decision making, data and democracy technologies, robust systems for secure communication and infrastructure, etc.


Projects must address how they will impact one or more of the Philippine health priorities presented in the following table on leading causes of mortality and morbidity.

5-Year Average (2004-2008) & 2009*
5-Year Average (2004-2008) & 2009*
Diseases of the Heart
Acute Respiratory Infection**

Diseases of the Vascular System
Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and Pneumonia

Malignant Neoplasms


Acute Watery Diarrhea

Tuberculosis, all forms

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases
Urinary Tract Infection

Diabetes Mellitus
TB Respiratory

Nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome and Nephrosis 

Certain conditions originating in the Perinatal Period 
Acute Febrile Illness ***

Note: Excludes ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality
* reference year
** External causes of Mortality
* reference year
** ARI was included in the list of notifiable diseases in 2008 only, while UTI and Injuries are new in the list.
***  Acute Febrile illness was included in the list of notifiable diseases in 2006 only, 3-year average only
Source:DOH Website Data on 5-Year Average (2004-2008) & 2009

Expected Outputs

  • Develop electronic computing and communication systems and devices for effective generation, processing, management and dissemination of relevant, accurate, timely and actionable data to support and enhance disaster risk management and response, environmental monitoring, education, energy generation monitoring, agriculture, inclusive governance thru e-Government/e-Participation
  • Produce innovations in computing, software, communications and electronic technologies and techniques, including experimental validation of testing for wireless networks, micro-grid, IT security, micro-electronics and advanced materials, embedded sensors and computers – leading towards translation into industry, which enhance the competitiveness of the Semi-conductors and Electronic manufacturing and Information and Communication Technology sectors in the country
  • Develop the following for the diseases in the list of the ten highest causes of morbidity and the ten highest causes of mortality in the Philippines, –rapid and affordable diagnostic tests, targeted drug therapy and affordable medical devices for an array of diseases and health practitioners, andviable and effective health intervention systems

Towards mobilizing and translating knowledge into technological innovations for addressing specific societal development issues, PCARI covers high end RDI activities that
  • Tap ripe technologies from foreign partners, that address national priorities in information infrastructure development and health innovation and translational medicine;
  • Pilot test the technologies;
  • Disseminate, publish/patent R & D outputs; and
  • Provide technologies for start-ups, help clarify business models and solicit the participation of prominent global corporations.

Processing, funding, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of R&D projects under PCARI, as well as the dissemination and utilization of R&D outputs shall be managed by PCARI-PMCO and the two RDI institutes.

See more of the PCARI-funded research project here: Institutes.

Please see Forms for additional references and materials.

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